Thursday, July 15, 2010

Educate our Physicians!

It is perplexing to me when people tell me they can't reach an accord with their doctors. What must they be thinking? The majority of physicians are unaware of CCSVI. For us it fills our everday lives with hope and promise. As loud as we have raised our voices, we are not reaching the ears of those who can turn the tide for us. There are many dedicated, compassionate doctors being fed the same half truths we are told. 
The problem is education. My doctor was honestly impressed that I brought research and places online for her to check out the things I was telling her. We have to be assertive and let them know we are taking responsibility for our own heath care. We are our own best advocates. When physicians witness our dedication to this procedure, they understand we mean business! These are our lives on the line.
Most people with MS don't die from it, they die with it. What is a half life compared to the way we once were? As long as I am here on this earth and sucking in air, I want to be productive and contributing to my community. Have we really lost our care and concern for our fellow traveler's on this journey through Multiple Sclerosis? We are making history. In years to come people will be amazed at our struggle, survival and triumph. We are protecting our own children and grandchildren from ever having to face the beast that has been our tormentor for too long.
 We can prevail only as we come together and present ourselves as one cohesive unit. With our voices raised in unison, there can be no ear that will not hear our solidarity and determination. We must assert our right to demand this safe, simple procedure that does more within hours for symptom relief than all the years of research and useless drug therapies. It is nothing less than a crime that fortunes have been raised through funding efforts to line the pockets of those who prey upon our vulnerabilities. 
It doesn't matter which country we hail from. All of us are bound by a common cause. We share the same hopes and dreams for a quality of life others take for granted. As diverse as we are, there are no foreigners in this community . We are an elite group of fighters who deserve the same respect and optimal health care as anyone else. Those of us with Multiple Sclerosis are being branded and treated as though we were bastards at a family reunion. We have been lied to and damaged by the very people who proclaim themselves to be our healers and champions. I think we have been led down the garden path long enough. There needs to be accountability from the people who made the choice to deny us the quality of life they enjoy themselves.

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