Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Onward, Ever Onward!

  Today was the first appointment with my regular GP since before I had the angioplasty. She is our “family doctor” and unless she needs to get up close and personal , Rick and I see her  together rather than wait to piggyback our appointments. Both of us were sitting down when she came into the examination room. She spent about 20 minutes taking care of Rick’s allergies while I sat on pins and needles wondering what she would say when I told her about my entire experience. I was prepared this time with a copy of the ‘guide to CCSVI’ I have almost completed. She is one doctor whose opinion I thoroughly respect and wanted to present myself as a credible patient.
She asked what she could do for me today and I took off like a rocket. Once I opened my mouth there was no stopping me. I watched her body language and facial expressions carefully. I knew if I saw the eye rolling,what now, response all of us are familiar with, I would fold. She looked surprised not skeptical. As she commenced taking notes, I found myself to speaking  faster and with more confidence. I waited for her to refute my assertions about CCSVI  but it never happened. She asked me questions , I answered.  Rick looked relieved that she was interested and he would not have to witness my defensive stance.  She wrote faster, and I figuratively wiped my forehead and gave myself a high five. Of course she has all my records and is well acquainted with my medical history. I noticed her sweep the room looking for my scooter when Rick told her we had retired all of my wheels to the garage.
I picked up the folder with my data and asked her if she was interested. “Yes! I would like to have that. Should I copy it so I can review it?” Needless to say, that was just for her. Because of two family emergencies out of state, I have had to see her associate for my last two appointments. The last time I was in her office, I was in total relapse complete with my leg braces and wheelchair.
She had never heard about CCSVI, PLM, or my research over the past year or so. She is an internal medicine physician, therefore has limited experience with Multiple Sclerosis. She was impressed with all Rick and I had to say. She agreed with me about the Vitamin D3 regimen I want to begin. She has never heard about LDN, so when I go back in a month, she will have become familiar with that information as well.
She could see for herself the improvements without me highlighting them.   I asked the nurse to take my O2 sats which were 99%! My bp was up for the first time in two years. No signs of hypotension, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia  or visual hint of iron deficiency. Other than my seasonal allergies, and concerns about heat intolerance, there was little left for either of us to discuss.  I asked her if she was going to do any labs and she said no. I’m to increase the Vitamin D and be checked out for everything on my next visit.
The bottom line is that she is coming on board. She wanted the links, PLM information and general highlights on CCSVI! She went to have the nurse give Rick his allergy shot (hee hee!) When she came back, I stood up to leave. A big grin came across her face and she loudly stated, “You are standing up! I have never seen you stand up before!” She turned to her nurse and repeated, “Look, she’s standing up isn’t that amazing? Linda, you are tall! I didn’t realize how tall you were. I have never seen you so alive and able to look at the real you!”  While Rick and I started to walk away she exclaimed to her nurse, “I have to check this out, unbelievable!” I looked back and she was still watching  me. Her associate saw me on the way out and had no look of recognition at all. Rick chuckled, I laughed.
I’m back to some serious contemplation about LDN, and diet. I have to talk to Jude!
I began singing by the time I got to the car. It was a very good day and I am a happy camper. That will get me through the hot weather this week for sure!

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