Friday, July 16, 2010

The Making of Sad History

Excuses are running out for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. By the time this issue reaches an uncertain conclusion, there will be scars on all sides. Neurology, a respected field of medicine is losing its’ credibility. Regardless of the outcome, we will not forget these early days when so called precautionary decisions were made to protect us from our own desperation and cognitively impaired desire to be free of the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Once we were the obedient and dependent children of our doctors and philanthropic  MS organizations with their perpetual fund raising and bike rides. Now naughty little rug rats , we are to be disciplined for our adolescent rebelliousness .Drug companies, always lurking in the shadow of public scrutiny, will continue to fall farther from their potential for good than any time in recent past. There will be no clear winner in this struggle. Many have already lost so much, there is little left to salvage. We are statistically a small number of individuals suffering from a cruel and unforgiving disease. Yet we provide endless research opportunities and pockets emptied by an elite group of intellectuals and greedy drug companies. History will not look fondly upon this grave injustice.

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Brenda Raven said...

good post Linda, but don't forget, our families and loved ones have 'MS' symptoms to deal with too. So, we're not as small of a number as some 'powers that be' think we are. All in our lives that care about us, live with us, have the lable of MS as well.