Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Month Liberati Update:

It’s hard to believe that an entire month has passed since I had my procedure done. So many things have happened since then. There’s been a huge jump in the number of people either being tested, treated or both.
Quick summary: At the time of the procedure my condition was listed as Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.  A 90% stricture was found in the left internal jugular vein; 35% in the right. The right side was done first. It began to drain right away and seemed happy to stay that way. I didn’t have any particular sensation until the left side was opened. I knew something was happening when the team started to get excited. I could feel warmth slowly spread through my body. A quick buzzing sensation in my head was replaced with what I can only describe as a tingling carbonated ‘zing’. A head full of bubbles would be a fair description. Two lesions were found and removed. Stents were placed because the vein began to collapse as soon as the catheter was withdrawn.
I was given a routine neurological exam before and after the procedure.   I gave my status 24 hours post procedure and two weeks post procedure. This is where I stand today:
1.      Anxiety: I thought this was probably a piggy back to my depression. There is some panicky feelings concerning what is ahead of me. I stopped making plans a long time ago.
2.      Bladder problems: During relapses I had no urge to go at all. I had to self-cath. I had to start doing this again because of the new relapse about a month BP. Incontinence was never an issue for me. Now my plumbing is in pretty good shape.
3.      Brain Fog: My concentration has continued to improve. I don’t need to stop and close my eyes to stay on topic except occasionally.
4.      Depression: There is no sure way to tell. I have been treated for major depression for much of my MS journey. I know I feel much better about life in general, but that could be a honeymoon effect.
5.      Emotional lability:  I didn’t know this was even a symptom for me. Observers tell me differently. I am told it is disappearing and I am more like “ME”
6.      Fatigue: The biggest pain in the rear end symptom to live with. I have much more energy. I am not taking it easy so I am tired. I really am going to have to work on this issue. I’m keeping track of this in my journal. Maybe I can write a study guide some day.
7.      Daytime sleepiness:  Technically, I still have to deal with this. It would probably improve if I got more than 5 or 6 hours of sleep. I have taken a few naps , which I had stopped doing about five years ago.
8.      Mood Swings:  I’m doing much better here. I stopped biting my husband’s head off for no reason. Now I wait until I have a good reason.
9.      Pain: there are longer any spasticity problems. I no longer take any meds for this, but my back, legs and upper arms are causing a fair amount of pain. I also suffer with migraine activity. I thought I was on the way to one about a week ago, but it never went full throttle.There are so many types of pain with MS. This is no doubt from using muscles that thought they were in permanent time out.
10.  Stiffness and spasticity: I covered this, but back stiffness remains.
11.  Sexual Dysfunction:  I’m not sure that I ever really admitted this one. So no reason to go on about it now. Like I said, I am finding improvements every day.
12.  Eye floaters: I was told by my ophthalmologist that ii have mild cataracts. I have no change there.
13.  Heat Intolerance:  I am sad to report that this has seen no improvement. My husband brought up a good point that I am physically so much more active that if there were improvement, I might not notice. Realistically, I still have to say thumbs down on this one.
14.  Numbness and tingling: The numbness is better. The tingling is worse. The lower part of my legs and feet have improved some, hence the extra tingling effect. I was hoping for better, but I had some diabetic neuropathy pre MS. I did yell my head off a couple of days ago when I stepped on a cluster of goatheads.
15.  Photosensitivity:  This is also somewhat better, but it is far from resolved. My peripheral vision is much better. I can see the baseball coming before it crowns me.
16.  Le hermittes sign: I had this more than most other Ms’ers I‘ve talked to about it. It has not happened since the procedure.
17.  Weakness in legs: I would say this is about 50% better than two weeks ago.
18.  Miscellaneous oddities: I still have my raynoud’s syndrome bluish/purplish feet. Strangley enough, they aren’t as cold to the touch as before.
19.  Lesions: Not a clue

Emotionally this is still a bit of a roller coaster. I can do so many things that I haven’t been able to do that I can’t seem to slow down.  I get just plain tired. I am also 15 years older. I have osteoarthritis, Type II Diabetes, Raynoud’s syndrome, pernicious anemia. Solumedral IV  therapy left me with reactive hypoglycemia and pancreatic problems. I have nothing to complain about, though.

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