Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Forward to the New Year!

My New Year’s Resolution is to continue the fight to assure safe and effective treatment for CCSVI for all, regardless of nationality, financial situation, or negativity of their own physicians. CCSVI was the top story for 2010. It will be the biggest success story for 2011. We have become the largest and most successful patient advocates in modern history. The tyranny of a few has ended, but there are many to take their place. We have prevailed against the power and influence of drug companies, MS Societies and our own neurologists to end the suffering and disability of a great number of people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Some have literally shed their wheelchairs and other assistive equipment to regain at least some of the quality of life we all deserve. Those who oppose us would be the first to embrace our cause if they had to live the restrictive and painful day to day existence from before this year has known little respite.

Don’t give in to the dismal rhetoric of those who are beginning to mourn the loss of their cash cows, and lashing out in every direction to check our progress and end our dreams. We need not, we cannot allow them any forward movement against us. The suffering, accumulative disability and loss of life continues; needlessly unabated without the angioplasty procedure. My memories of the last seven months are rich with the joy of interacting with family and friends as a “normal” for the first time in many years. There are many challenges with symptom improvements also. I believe this will be more of an issue in the coming year. I am one of the people who was wheelchair bound and had severe cognitive and speaking issues, so my changes are very visible. As more like me have to start over, the challenges we face will become more apparent and open for discussion.

Happy New Year to all of you! Be safe, be happy and pass it on

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