Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We deserve the truth and the right to pursue a normal life.

The truth can't set anyone free if the story is never told. Sometimes abstaining from telling the truth is more damaging than an actual lie. In another arena I would speak about sins of "commission" as opposed to sins of "omission". Withholding a truth that causes pain and suffering to others by our silence is no better than participating in the wrong doing itself. I believe we are witnessing something akin to this by those who are in a position to make a real difference in the acceptance of CCSVI and refuse to do so. The doctors who treat Multiple Sclerosis had to at some point believe in what they were doing. At least some of the support groups were started by people who envisioned a better life for those of us who live with a cruel and unyielding disease.
I have witnessed kindness and compassion from doctors and groups who were dedicated to that end. Somewhere along the line their goals and desires began to change. Once they started down that slippery slope it was not too difficult to become the personalities they are at this point in time. There are some individuals in their respective professions and positions who are standing alone against their peers, employers and the ruling majority. I applaud the efforts of such people and know they face criticism and rebuke on many levels.It will take someone much wiser than me to find the trigger that will act as a catalyst to end the stalemate we face now with the liberation procedure.Some time and in someway this will happen. It is inevitable, but at what cost?
There is something inherently amiss when people have to go to the lengths that so many of us are in order to have any chance for normalcy in our lives.There shouldn't be punitive treatment of people only in the pursuit of happiness. In the United States that is supposed to be one of our inalienable rights. It should be the right for us all.
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