Thursday, October 28, 2010

No Excuses, No One to Blame and Nowhere to Hide...

I'm sorry to hear about this. So much is still yet untested. There needs to be improvements in the procedure itself that will only come with experience and shared learning. I knew nothing about the sigmoid sinus until shortly before I had my second procedure. It may well be that the liberation procedure will be found more effective with complementary treatment. We know that there are some procedures that failed simply because they were under treated. Perhaps they will find that fine tuning the pressure or catheter size makes a big difference. The blockages are in so many different locations. There are many variables from patient to patient and doctor to doctor. While all of those who have a vested interest in the angioplasty procedure owe a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Zamboni, other physicians are building on his basic techniques and findings. From one doctor and an assorted sources of information prior to his work, many others have taken the baton to run their own course. Everyone's requirements for recovery will not be equal anymore than our disability is the same. We have been led to believe that the best results may occur in those with RRMS, or with shorter periods of disability. There are instances of patients who were thought to be poor candidates for the procedure, yet made remarkable improvements in mobility and other symptoms of MS. There has to be a concrete reason for this. In those cases, time will have to be one of the factors in liberation. We have also sadly lost some of our number who had no time left to wait until the answers are found and can be implemented. After the research I did for myself and talking with any “expert" who would give me audience, my opinion is that DMD's are not a part of the equation. There are many professional minds who disagree with me. This is a pivotal time for the development and progress with CCSVI research. Had earlier proponents of the venous connection to Multiple Sclerosis been given even minimal support to expand their research, we would likely be far beyond the now infamous 5 to 10 years the "experts" are trying to convince us is necessary before there can be liberation for all. Sometime in the near future there will be an accounting for the negligence of the people who held our futures in their hands for the sake of money, power and high repute. The time for ignoring the obvious is past for those who oppose us. They are flailing in their attempts to discredit either Dr. Zamboni or those of us who have had incredible success with the Liberation Procedure. They can no longer hold at bay their secret and public actions. A reasonable analogy might be the old folk tale about the boy who told a vicious lie about someone in his village out of jealousy. The lie caused much sorrow and grief to the people involved. The boy went to the village Sage and pleaded with him to reverse the damage done. The wise old Sage told him to go to each home in the village and place a feather on each doorstep. The boy completed his task and went back to report to the old man. He was then instructed to go return to the village and retrieve each feather and bring them back to him. The boy exclaimed that it would be impossible to recover the feathers carried near and far by the wind. The Sage told him it was the same for the gossip he started. Once it has been spoken, you can never take it back and make it right again. All the damage control and rationalizations of the doctors, drug companies and the MS Societies who claim they are only acting prudently for our benefit will stand hollow. When every detail of the clinical studies which were unfairly forced upon us and our doctors has been completed, published and scrutinized there won’t be anywhere to hide or any other source to blame for their actions, their reputations will be just as shattered as the lives that are spiraling downward today because of their condescending narcissism and greed.

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