Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sleeping WithThe Enemy

It was bound to happen that the back room conniving and hypocrisy would begin a renewed assault against the CCSVI movement. Poor Dr. Mark Freedman has gone public with his self-pity and sob story about the way we have mistreated him and misunderstood his intentions. He is at a complete loss as to the motivation behind anyone picking on him for his stand on CCSVI and sarcastic remarks about its proponents. I won’t further belittle him by not giving him his due for past dedication to his MS patients and research efforts. However, to label CCSVI as a hoax perpetrated by a doctor with dubious qualifications does not speak well of his professionalism. Even a simple neurologist should be able to admit that there is relatively little danger in restoring blood flow and drainage to the human brain. In fact all of us would have to be incredibly na├»ve to believe that the knowledge of the potential for this treatment and its link to MS and possibly other neurological disorders has only come to light at this point in time. There is far too much evidence that many researchers and even neurologists suspected the venous insufficiency connection far early then we have been led to believe. The discovery of discarded, even published papers on the subject predate Dr. Zamboni’s first suspicions in 1990. Think of the suffering that could have been averted had the original researchers had any support for their assertions. I maintain that had it been a new drug therapy, the outcome would be somewhat different.
If these weren’t enough disturbing thoughts for our consideration, a renewed attempt to thwart our efforts comes in the guise of transparency and discovery. Insurance companies in the US are beginning to take action on the CCSVI –angioplasty connection. The majority of them fully accepted angioplasty to relieve qualifying symptoms of venous insufficiency. Without IRB approval, doctors have had to remain underground to treat their patients who have MS. They will assure you that they are quite cognizant of the fact that MS is an autoimmune disease and has no relationship to blood flow to the brain, blockages or not. It doesn’t matter that the treatment can be authorized for migraine activity and other conditions, but not MS. Simply put, that is under the jurisdiction of the drug cartels. We’re well aware of the consequences of overturning their apple cart. If the trend continues, private practice physicians will once again be forced to close up shop. Anymore delaying tactics could prove catastrophic for those who have not yet had the procedure. The double standard studies may be a sham, but a necessary evil to lend enough credibility to push forward. Canadians and Americans alike will have dramatically fewer options as we all take a seat in the same boat headed up the wrong river. Now it is imperative to back up the very entities who are hell bent on calling a moratorium on angioplasty for the treatment of CCSVI. This scenario is no better than sleeping with the enemy. We were referred to recently as the very small but highly vocal group demonizing the Canadian and American governments and MS Societies. According to Dr. Freedman and his cohorts , we are just a fringe minority forcing our hysteria and desperation down the throats of completely happy obedient people with MS. We are akin to the school yard bully intimidating and manipulating individuals quite content with their non- treatment and progressive disability. What reality are they swimming in?


Anonymous said...

To all those naysayers "Lead Follow or Get Out of The Way"

If poll were taken at LEAST 85% of all MS patients surveyed are prepared to immediately undergo the Liberation Treatment.

Noone has the right to intefere.

Unknown said...

Interestingly enough the NMSS also view us as very small group who many PwMS fear because we are so militant.