Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lets Go Out to the Movies.

Saturday: June 12, 2010

Tonight is going to be a new experiment in getting my feet wet. Rick loves going out to the movies. I used to go with him or the kids, anyone really. My sensitivity to light and sound has made it difficult to participate in this family pastime. I started to back out slowly over the years. Everybody has been pretty good about it, but the disappointment turned into a little bit of resentment.

When I force myself to go because of the sad looks, or shaking heads it many times was torture for me. I held my ears and closed my eyes with an occasional peek at my watch hoping it was almost over. Light bulbs pop in my head sometime after they lower the lights.By the time the trailers are over, I want to make an excuse to go to the bathroom. That means someone has to help me to my wheelchair or scooter and open doors. It is not the best way to make friends and influence people.
By the time the movie is over, I wipe back the tears, hope my pain meds kick in before we load up to go home. Keeping my fingers crossed that my legs won't start to spasm, I tell everybody it was a great movie, and thanks for taking me.
Tonight, I am going with Rick and one of our daughters, and her husband to the cheap theater to see..i don't think anyone decided which movie. In any case, this will be the first time since liberation that I have the opportunity to see if light and sound has the same affect on me as in the past. I am going to take my ipod and sunglasses just in case.

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Unknown said...

Hope it all goes well and you have a wonderful time. Everything is new again. Karen